What do you cook in 40 degree heat!!


Fires blazing all over Australia, but we are safe in our hot Cherrybrook kitchen.

We could get take away but I have decided to take the character challenge and cook against the odds.

The other problem is limited ingredients, but have again decided to take the challenge and make something from nothing

The dumplings are filled with chicken breast and carrot. The really need some ginger or lemongrass to add a flavour layer, but the texture of the raw carrot pieces works well – they could almost be pieces of water chestnut. They do work, because anything doused with a bit of Kikkoman soy sauce is always a good thing.

The bruschetta has been brushed with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, garlic and real butter for flavour and the topping is ready sliced button mushrooms that did not make it to a cooked breakfast with a dab of butter, a little olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and fresh thyme from the herb pot. Lemon and thyme are a perfect match in foodie couplings.

Picnic style on the lounge room floor in front of the only working air conditioner, the fruits of my character producing labour are enjoyed.





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