Never skip breakfast


In the early days of our friendship my friend Karen once told me she looks forward to eating breakfast cereal every morning. I thought at the time she must be lacking in some basic kitchen abilities – later proved to be untrue, if eating cereal was the food highlight of the day.

Then at 40 I started making my own cereal in an attempt to keep up with my healthy mother who does the same, and like my friend came to anticipate cereal eating as a daily highlight.

I combine raw oats with some unprocessed bran or other grain that I want to try and then add combinations of fruit such as organic sultanas, raisins, dates, cranberries – not all at once though, less is more and flavour balance are always important. I also add a handful of nuts – cashews, almonds or walnuts and a sprinkle of shredded coconut.

This morning I had fresh blueberries and strawberry yoghurt in temporary possession – I live with a food loving husband and 3-4 teenage children so nothing lasts long.

(In case you were wondering – the 3-4 children is reference to my 2 daughters, my stepson and my eldest daughters boyfriend who we love having as part of this family)