Banana Pineapple Cake

Cake is pure deliciousness. Sweet comfort that makes the day better!

I love creating the flavour, smelling it bake and watching it rise. And then there’s the first mouthful, warm with a trickle of lemon scented icing. I’ll often add a flower for love, but please note the orchid is not edible.

Recipe –

▪️3 large mashed bananas with cinnamon and sprinkle of baking powder

▪️half cup pineapple pieces, lightly coated in cornflour and a sprinkle of baking powder

▪️quarter cup vegetable oil

▪️quarter cup softened butter

▪️quarter cup raw sugar

▪️2 tablespoons smooth ricotta

▪️2 eggs

▪️2 cups SR flour

▪️3 tablespoons milk or nut milk