When a husband turns 40!


Life is good when there is sunshine, good food and a reason to celebrate! Andrew, my husband of just 18 months has just turned forty . . . Perfect conditions for a celebration

So, with our very modern blended family (that includes a pug called Watson & a western highland terrier called Winston),  we held a long lunch on our deck one Sunday in May.

The menu ;

  • Indonesian style BBQ pork spare ribs
  • Vietnamese style BBQ chicken wings
  • Deboned oven roasted chickens stuffed with rice, shallot, ginger,water chestnuts & black sesame
  • Vietnamese noodle salad
  • Fresh king prawns
  • Steamed rice
  • And for dessert – chocolate coffee mousse with ginger snaps, fresh fruit salad,
  • And the cake – strawberry & rose shortcake with mascarpone icing

The pictures can tell the rest . . .



3 thoughts on “When a husband turns 40!

  1. That looks amazing Donna. Happy birthday to your Andrew. What an impressive menu. I can’t believe you managed to make all those dishes! And the cake is very pretty. Did the flowers come from your garden? xx

    • Thanks Charlie. It was a lot of work – you know that feeling you get about 1 hour before everyone arrives ‘what was I thinking . . . never again . . . next time we’re doing a restaurant’ etc
      But after everyone is there and things start to flow, you relax, enjoy & even start dreaming about your next event.
      No, the roses for the cake did not come from the garden. We used the last of the garden roses for vases.

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