Sausages and Curry


Is it really worth blogging about food you have cooked when it comes from a packet? Maybe so, because this dinner was enjoyable.

The curry is a tikka marsala mix from curry makers that my stepson likes and we often put into little curry pies together. Tonight I just cooked it with chicken, carrot and potato – always par-boil the potatoes first so you don’t get that horrible vegetable scum forming on the top of the curry.

Andrew had a craving for spicy salsa sausages, so the two worked well with whit rice and a side serve of diced cucumber & coriander.

I love sausages as soon as they come off the heat, the joy of biting through the tight skin and into the fat before the skin wrinkles and the fat starts to solidify. But the enjoyment is only complete with balance, as all good things in life tend to be, so keep chewing that cucumber to dissipate the sausage fat